Spray Painting

We are now offering a professional spray painting service for homes and commercial customers.

Instead of brush and roller, we use professional equipment to achieve a super fine finish and achieve the result with no overspray issues. This method is the future for the painting and decorating industry.

Ceilings, walls and furniture can be painted using spray equipment, achieving an outstanding professional finish.

Our sprayers produce an even coat of paint on all types of surfaces, leaving a high-quality finish.

One concern that customers raise is the amount of overspray that spraying creates; however, using the correct techniques and materials to mask, there is little or no overspray. The method and system I use achieves an even and professional finish that can transform a room or furniture alike.

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Choose my Spray Painting Services for:

  • Ceiling Painting
  • Wall Painting
  • Furniture

I offer a free no obligation consultation and quote to get a full understanding of your project before pricing up accordingly, so no matter what your interior decorating requirements at your property in Wirral, get in touch today on the Contact Page.